Jumpstart revenue and mindshare with sales incentive programs

In the age of the customer, sales teams are under pressure to go the extra mile. The right sales rewards and incentives program can transform your sales operation, keep your teams motivated, and grow your company. Our sales incentive program provides measurable business results and ensures your teams are just as happy as they are hard working.

Our high performance channel incentives deliver a unique rewards experience across touch and non touch devices, personalized to each user’s role and partner tier. The lifestyle rewards catalog includes an extensive range of rewards options including merchandise, gift and prepaid cards, all delivered to over 120 countries in 11 different languages.

Best-in-Class Features

Merscient gives you the power to take control of your sales incentive program.

Easy to Use

There's no steep learning curve here.


Tailor programs for buyer, personas, segments or geography.

Support for Multiple Programs

We support single purchases, bundles, tiers, thresholds and more.

Rewards for Sales Loyalty Behavior

We offer built-in tools to encourage more loyal behaviors.

Library and Survery Modules

One more way we offer greater engagement.

Onboard Email

Customized communication helps drive engagement.