Inspire and empower your employees

Recognize, inspire, reward and grow employee value & engagement.

Merscient’s recognition platform and social wall collaborative hub aligns employees with your corporate culture, drives preferred behaviours, and awards excellence. Our secure, intuitive and easy to use platform has extensive features that will motivate, inspire, and engage your team. Integrate with legacy systems, and deploy in multiple languages, our platform builds meaningful relationships between peers and fosters a culture of success.

Merscient employee engagement with social wall aligns employees with corporate culture, and increases team engagement and performance. The shift to higher value relationships create cultural alignment, and fosters collaboration and engagement.

Merscient recognition programs provide a collaborative hub for employees to engage, and be recognized for specific selling, service and training behaviors. Recognition programs are completely customizable and reward for spontaneous and achievement behaviors.

Employee Recognition

Create an employee performance culture

  • Mersicent's flexible and agile platform provides a branded recognition ecosystem for encouraging value-based employee achievements.

  • Broadcast corporate values and show what excellence "looks like" with Merscient's Social Wall collaborative hub. Showcase achievements, and foster collaboration all in one secure location.

  • Inspire performance with customizable Manager to Employee awards, or meaningful peer to peer awards. Reward for discretionary or preferred behaviors in any program currency.

  • Amplify the impact of awards with leaderboards across teams or your organization.